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Early Days of McLain's

Since our family took ownership of McLain’s Bakery in 2014, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that the legacy of the bakery continues in the hearts of Kansas City families.

McLain’s Bakery opened just north of 75th Street on Wornall, in Waldo Missouri in 1945. For three generations the McLain family ran the bakery. They began a tradition for many Kansas City families to come to McLain’s for their pastries, cakes, and breads. Lines would wrap around the corner early on Friday mornings for the famous McLain’s german chocolate coffee cake.

In 2001, the McLain’s family sold the business to another local Kansas City family. The new owners ran McLain’s Bakery for 13 years and moved it to the current location at 201 E. Gregory.

Becoming Part of the Tradition

In early 2014, we heard it was for sale again. Our family tossed around the idea of opening a bakery and coffee shop at some point “down the road”, so when the opportunity arose to buy McLain’s we couldn’t pass it up. We took ownership in March 2014 and spent the first two years working hard to gain the trust of McLain’s regulars. We decided to expand the coffee bar, cake production, and breakfast line. It was really important to us to create a space that was welcoming for friends, family and others to gather. Our customers really responded to the new additions.  

Making of the Market

When it became obvious that it was time for us to expand we looked into the neighborhood we grew up in and found a great location at 435 & Roe. It was just far south enough that we were excited to introduce the McLain’s experience to a whole new group of people. We knew that “replicating” the bakery was nearly impossible, but we wanted to bring a bit of the magic of McLain’s to other parts of the Kansas City area. We decided to call the new location McLain’s Market. This new location focused more on lunch items, included alcoholic drinks to the menu, and added a drive thru with a patio. We opened the first Mclain’s Market in October of 2016 and loved getting to know our new customers!

Next Stop Lawrence

Shortly after our Overland Park McLain’s Market opened, we stumbled upon a location right next to the University of Kansas that we couldn’t pass up, the old KU bookstore. We have a long line of KU Alumni in our family, our mom even worked in the building in the 1970’s! The location is three times the size of our other two stores. This gave us the opportunity to provide for the students to sit and study as well as serve customers who wanted to run in and grab lunch with friends. We opened our Lawrence location, McLain’s Market, in April of 2018 and have loved being a part of the community there.   

With Love,
The Hirlemans